Fatima & Alexander Nut Recap

What a night! Thanks to everyone of you that came and shared the experience that was Fatima and Alexander Nut! A small showing to start the evening but the room filled out as Tiana Khasi, the hometown soulstress, took to the stage with surprise backing from Sampology and live percussion. Captivated, the whole room was sent swaying and bobbing as they hung onto every word and every note. The crowd got moving as Sampology played a short intermission before Fatima and Alexander Nut took the stage. All eyes on Fatima as they stepped out.


Charismatic and charming she warmed the crowd and got the whole room bouncing as she missed not one beat performing new heat and old gems from her back catalogue. After a short encore Fatima stepped down and Alexander Nut took the reigns, commanding the dance floor with up tempo edits, slow groovers and party fire that had everyone off the wall and moving! Local clown, whoever he is, Sean Bate kept the party going as Alexander wrapped up his set. Sean performed what we can only assume were songs he had definitely played many times before in almost the exact same structure. Some people liked it, most were less than impressed. A huge thank you to Tiana Khasi, Sampology, and the main event, Fatima and Alexander Nut for making the night one we won’t forget!


Photos: Alex Zanda & Todd O'Rourke