Crown Ruler & A Love Supreme presents FLOATING POINTS (DJ Set)

A Love Supreme had a big year in 2018 and we wanted to kick 2019 off in just the right way. We have joined forces with our familia down south ‘Crown Ruler’, to bring the all mighty Floating Points back to Brisbane!!! Sam Shepherd (aka Floating Points) is an Eglo records co-founder, classically trained producer and an all-time Wax flipper. This man will take you on a journey through deep cuts of jazz, soul, disco, Brazilian and electronica that will bend your mind and move your body as it pulses beat by beat through you.

 Positively exploding after the release of his debut LP ‘Elaenia’ in 2015, on his then newly established label Pluto, Floating Points took the world by storm with his original production prowess. Having released many singles and EP’s in the lead up to this release, it wasn’t until ‘Elaenia’ that he landed on the map for the masses. However, he is just as prominent a name in the booth as he is in the studio. Recognised across the globe for his deep selections and mastery of delivering an experience for the dance floor from the moment his needle drops.

In 2017 Floating Points had numerous releases which flexed his versatility and ambition within his production. Firstly, the experimental almost post rock ep ‘Reflections’ which served as a soundtrack for footage of the vast, rocky landscape of the Californian desert that was inspired by an experience he and his band had whilst touring. The second, ‘Ratio’, was an epic 19-minute-deep electronic track that harked back to his earlier days of dance floor production. Both are vastly different and proved that he hasn’t stopped pushing the musical boundaries.  

Alongside his studio work, Floating Points continues to light dance floors ablaze with his forward-thinking and ambitious DJ sets all around the globe. Hailing from Manchester, the 32-year-old is revered as one of the most respected musicians in modern electronic music and continues to take great leaps and push himself to create soundscapes in the studio or the dance floor. This innovative musician can be found spinning fire for a sweaty room of dancers or creating ambient waves for the individual to engage at home. We are lucky to have him back in Brisbane for an open air summer party taking place in the heart of the valley.

Some of Brisbane’s finest will be warming up the dance floor and setting the tone for Floating Points to take the stage. Don’t sleep on Mumgenes, El Discotheque, Hannah Doody or Jimmy Ellis.    


$30 Via Resident Advisor or Oztix


Outside @ The Elephant Hotel

230 Wickham St 


2pm- 12am

Floating Points